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Comment from: Member

No. I don’t want to make it that easy for people to take it. People assume any ASCII art is free for the taking.

02/22/17 @ 05:24 am

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Comment from: Diane Violet Brown Visitor

Diane Violet Brown

this is quite neat don’t you think

r mrsy fpm’y ui yoml

01/02/17 @ 05:48 pm

In response to: ASCII Valentine 2016

Comment from: dianevibrown Visitor


it is a nice valentine simple but simple sometimes is best

02/13/16 @ 10:38 am

In response to: Happy New Year 2016!

Comment from: dianevibrown Visitor


like it all the time that it comes up on your stuff

01/12/16 @ 09:38 pm

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Comment from: dianevibrown Visitor


well done little guy looks fluffy enough to me

12/29/15 @ 06:36 am

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Comment from: Member

Your comment was filtered into spam. I’ve posted about the text art display problem in other posts. Mainly it’s a formatting thing. Secondly it’s a problem with artist credit being removed, forgotten or taken.

11/12/15 @ 02:08 pm

Yesterday I could get the main page to load. But, I was sent to an error page when I tried to look at her ASCII art.

I sent her a few emails, years ago. But, I seldom keep in touch with people. Her art is wonderful. I hope the family have kept the art on her site and any other she had created since the site was last updated. It would be a shame to lose it when she had created so much and it was all very well done.

02/04/13 @ 08:14 am