Frabjous Cheshire Cat

Frabjous Cheshire CatJust finished! I could fiddle with the tail more but this seems to be the best I could manage. Fiddling just seemed to throw it off so this is how it is going to be. Besides, you can fiddle and fiddle and then wish you had just left it alone. I have learned (the hard way) to keep copies of the art I’m working on so I can go back to the version I had before.

Alice in Wonderland Visual Poem

Standard red-cloth Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, 1865 (1876 reprint shown here) (interior page). This is the mouse’s tale/tail, an early example of concrete poetry. Its typography echoes that of the hand-drawn tail that Carroll included in his gift manuscript to Alice Liddell. The editorial content and typography of the tale evolved over the course of the Carroll-directed Victorian editions (and posthumous editions) of Wonderland.

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