New Birds for 2020

Inspired by a greeting card I noticed online. I started with the bird in flight, the other two seemed to wander in to keep the first bird company. New Birds for 2020

Betta Siamese Fighting Fish

I didn’t find more than one betta fish group in Canada when I was fixing up the category at Curlie. But, it inspired me to create a betta fish in ASCII art. We used to have them when I was a kid. They looked so sad (near death) in the pet stores. They didn’t live to an old age in our fish tank but at least they had more fish for company and they looked a lot healthier.… Read the rest

A Turtle Collection

Turtles are not one of my favourite animals. But, they were requested at least a couple of times during the days of the ASCII art newsgroup.
A Turtle CollectionA Turtle Collection

Bird Nest

This is inspired by a brooch I was given more years ago than I can remember. I think my Mother gave it to me, but I’m not sure. I may have bought it myself when I had my first full time job, at age 16. Bird Nest