Happy New Year ASCII Text Art

If you could stand on the timeline of your life you would be able to turn around and look back or peer ahead. Which would you choose, if either?
The start of a New Year is like standing still in your life for just a moment. Taking stock of what has been and what might yet be. Think of the people you keep in your life, who is a good fit and who should you try to leave behind? Think of your goals, accomplished and yet to be achieved. Making plans is a great way to look ahead.

They call these plans, Resolutions. Yet that makes them seem more militant, a duty, than desirable. Don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, make plans instead. Draw a map or a storyboard from where you are to where you want to be. What would the first small step be?

The New Year is almost like having a clean slate, a point to stop and change things.

Here is some New Year ASCII art. Whatever your plans for the future and regrets you may have had from the past. Everyone has a past, keep it there and put your feet on the path ahead of you. Get walking.

Merry Christmas ASCII Text Art

Merry Season’s Greetings!

These are some of my Christmas ASCII art. I began making my own ASCII art in 1998.

One thing I have learned from making ASCII art is not to compare everything I do to everything everyone else has done. There will always be someone who does it better. But, if you don’t get discouraged you can create some nice work of your own. This doesn’t mean you should ignore what others have created. You can find some great ideas in technique and use those yourself in your own way.

The Tradition of Christmas ASCII Art

There is something special about making Christmas ASCII art. It’s like carrying on a tradition. When the Internet was fairly new there were no graphics, certainly no Flash. So simple text graphics were created from the standard keyboard characters, ASCII art. Every time I make a new ASCII art image for Christmas I think about the past, the tradition of sending Christmas wishes and all the simple things that make Christmas special to family, friends and people who have never met and yet still exchange holiday greetings online.

Share Christmas Greetings in ASCII Art

With every type of art there is a challenge in creating and displaying it with the materials used. For ASCII art the images can become warped out of shape due to the font used, the format used in HTML or the difference in viewing it on one machine and then another. So, for displaying ASCII art here I have just used a screen capture to pick them up from my original text files. It also makes them simple to share around online. So, do share them with friends and family online, continue the tradition. However, respect the ASCII artist, keep the initials with the artwork.

Christmas Trees in ASCII Text Art


I love the Christmas tree. It’s my favourite Christmas holiday tradition. I like making ornaments and then sitting back with a hot chocolate to see the tree all decorated, light up, glittering and shining.

An ASCII art tree can be very simple to make. Just some slanty lines and a little something at the top of the tree and you can create a picture representing a Christmas tree. Or, you can work on something more complicated and really get into showing the Christmas tree, your feelings about it and how you see them.

Some of the simplest looking ASCII Christmas trees take awhile to work on, with getting the right shapes and moving things around to line up the way you need them.