Karen Guise Makes Watercolour Text Art

Karen Guise writes about saving wildlife, especially birds and bugs. Her art is unique. I’ve posted three, screen captures from a shop on CafePress. There are other animals: a turtle, a dragonfly which I saw on Pinterest, faces of wolves and bears, and probably others if you can manage to find them posted somewhere. I remember seeing these years ago.… Read the rest

New Birds for 2020

Inspired by a greeting card I noticed online. I started with the bird in flight, the other two seemed to wander in to keep the first bird company. New Birds for 2020

Bird Nest

This is inspired by a brooch I was given more years ago than I can remember. I think my Mother gave it to me, but I’m not sure. I may have bought it myself when I had my first full time job, at age 16. Bird Nest