ASCII Art Flowers

New flowers. I wanted to make a lot of flowers and put them in a Valentine. But, it didn’t work out that way. Instead they are in a frame, like a painting. Fun to make them and I didn’t have to make it all fit into a heart shape.

Romance in Email: ASCII Text Art Flowers

Here are flowers created in text art (ASCII Art) which can be sent in image files through email.

Which do you think are the most romantic flowers? I had a list in mind when I started. Not all of them are here. Some haven’t been created in ASCII art yet. I’ve made a few ASCII flowers. Violets for my Grandmother. Roses and irises as I see them often in our garden here.
My favourite romance flowers are:

  • carnations
  • lilies
  • orchids
  • tulips
  • sunflowers
  • iris
  • roses
  • violets
  • daisies