It’s Too Late to Say You’re Sorry… Turned into a Toad

It's Too Late to Say You're Sorry... Turned into a Toad

I read about Frisson Comics on the Broken Pencil website this week. They are looking for submissions/ contributions for a folk horror zine. I had to read about folk horror, it wasn’t a phrase I have heard before. But, it turned out to be a genre of horror I have always liked, without knowing it had a name.… Read the rest

Fairyland and Garden ASCII Art Inspiration

Intended to be reposted to a game or some kind of site. Garden, fantasy, and holiday themed text art. Most of these are kind of messed up and none are traditional ASCII art. But they are kind of fun and might be inspiration for something simple to make. I found this rabbit which could be converted into a good ASCII art bunny/ rabbit later.… Read the rest

Frabjous Cheshire Cat

Frabjous Cheshire CatJust finished! I could fiddle with the tail more but this seems to be the best I could manage. Fiddling just seemed to throw it off so this is how it is going to be. Besides, you can fiddle and fiddle and then wish you had just left it alone. I have learned (the hard way) to keep copies of the art I’m working on so I can go back to the version I had before.

Garden Gnomes in ASCII Text Art

Originally from Germany where they were called garden dwarves. It was the English who started calling them gnomes. Although they are usually seen as cute or traditional garden ornaments now, they got their start as a garden protector, from all that evil sorcery.

I’ve always liked garden gnomes. The bearded little fellows with a tall red hat and a twinkle in their eye.… Read the rest

Another Try at a Garden Gnome

I’ve made a garden gnome before. This may look just like it for all I know. I didn’t check the old one yet. It’s not really what I saw in my head when I started. I will most likely try it again.Another Try at a Garden Gnome