The Lost Betta Fish

I remember making this one and its one I especially like the way it turned out. But, somehow the files for it became lost and I only noticed when I saw the image file in my old web mail. (I was looking for something else at the time). So, using the image file I recreated the text file for it.… Read the rest

Coronavirus ASCII Art

Although I believe there is a virus and people are sick with it, I don’t believe in the need for lockdowns, shut ins and etc.

Coronavirus ASCII Art

Most people who have had the virus recovered from it, just like many other flu viruses. You don’t hear about them. We don’t hear about domestic violence caused by people still having access to abused substances while in close confines with the people they abuse.… Read the rest

Betta Siamese Fighting Fish

I didn’t find more than one betta fish group in Canada when I was fixing up the category at Curlie. But, it inspired me to create a betta fish in ASCII art. We used to have them when I was a kid. They looked so sad (near death) in the pet stores. They didn’t live to an old age in our fish tank but at least they had more fish for company and they looked a lot healthier.… Read the rest