Canada Day 2020 The Great Indoors

I had planned to make a wreath of maple leaves for Canada Day this year. But, it is not taking shape quickly enough. On the plus side, I have a head start on it for next Canada Day. Here is what I finished today. Something to celebrate the low point of 2020. I hope they stop dragging this on!… Read the rest

Create Your Own ASCII Art to Illustrate Your Blog or Website

Create Your Own ASCII Art to Illustrate Your Blog or WebsiteI Make my own ASCII Art. So Can You.
Start by looking down at your keyboard. The typical keyboard has every character (letter and punctuation mark) that you need to make your own ASCII art. Anything not already on that keyboard is not used for ASCII art. If you use extra characters you’re making ANSI art.… Read the rest

US Flag

US Flag

I’m Canadian, but I doodled the US flag as a puzzle. It’s not technically or traditionally correct.

ASCII Art by Me

Just wondering how ASCII art will post in here. (It didn’t work). These are a couple of mine.

ASCII Art by MeASCII Art by Me

Why are there always weird little kinks when you post ASCII art in HTML versus using an image file. It is a lot easier to use an image file. I’ve tried but I have yet to find a reliable way to post them otherwise.… Read the rest