Cooking and Baking ASCII Art

Thinking of the SciArt being posted to Twitter this week. I wanted more to post myself. So I got thinking about everyday measuring, the sort we do when baking a cake, bread and so on. So I made this ASCII art with a rolling pin, eggs, measuring cup, bag of flour, and a mixing bowl.

Cooking and Baking ASCII Art

Gingerbread People in ASCII Text Art

When I smell molasses I think gingerbread and ginger snap cookies. I have gone down the aisle of the grocery store, in the baking section and picked up a container of molasses just to smell it. Usually, I have one around the house. I don’t know if they ever expire, they don’t last long enough for me to find out.… Read the rest

Vampire in ASCII Text Art

I’m not a vampire chick. I did wear a black shirt today but it was random chance – black is not my first colour choice. My main interest in vampires is the immortality thing. Would it be worth being a vampire and dealing with no sun, no food (other than blood) and the other vampirish things of legend and lore, in order to live forever?… Read the rest

ASCII Art by Me

Just wondering how ASCII art will post in here. (It didn’t work). These are a couple of mine.

ASCII Art by MeASCII Art by Me

Why are there always weird little kinks when you post ASCII art in HTML versus using an image file. It is a lot easier to use an image file. I’ve tried but I have yet to find a reliable way to post them otherwise.… Read the rest