The Mohawk Church in Ontario

Mohawk Chruch, Ontario
This Mohawk Church (sometimes called a chapel) is located in Ontario. It is the oldest, still standing, church in Ontario. People can visit the church but are not allowed to take photographs without written permission. I found photographs of the church online. But, I used an old illustration from the 1800’s to make my ASCII art of the church.… Read the rest

ASCII Art Flowers

New flowers. I wanted to make a lot of flowers and put them in a Valentine. But, it didn’t work out that way. Instead they are in a frame, like a painting. Fun to make them and I didn’t have to make it all fit into a heart shape.

ASCII Art Flowers

The FanByte Site Icon

Finding a creative, simple looking, icon is an exercise to work on. I didn’t notice the difference in the teeth sizes until I started working on this one. That made it a little more challenging. I ended up giving it more eyes, more real looking eyes, than I would have. But, blank eyes didn’t look right, they needed something more.… Read the rest

Keyboard Art

Note – This was originally posted to a friend’s site in 2011. Her site is down now so I’ve reposted it, mostly for myself, here.

I’ve been working with ASCII Art again this year. It’s been awhile since I was active in the old ASCII art groups or wrote about it for as a newsletter.… Read the rest