It’s Too Late to Say You’re Sorry… Turned into a Toad

It's Too Late to Say You're Sorry... Turned into a Toad

I read about Frisson Comics on the Broken Pencil website this week. They are looking for submissions/ contributions for a folk horror zine. I had to read about folk horror, it wasn’t a phrase I have heard before. But, it turned out to be a genre of horror I have always liked, without knowing it had a name.… Read the rest

Maneki Neko:  Japan’s Lucky Cat

Maneki Neko:  Japan’s Lucky Cat
Maneki Neko:  Japan’s Lucky Cat
Source for inspiration: Maneki Neko: The Secrets of Japan’s Lucky Cat | Japanista (Site is gone now).
Below is information from the original post on the site. If I work on another cat this would be great to know!

The name ‘mankei neko’ can be attributed to the cat’s welcoming paw, as the literal translation is ‘beckoning cat.’

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