Merry Christmas ASCII Text Art

Merry Season’s Greetings!

Merry Christmas ASCII Text Art Merry Christmas ASCII Text Art Merry Christmas ASCII Text Art Merry Christmas ASCII Text Art Merry Christmas ASCII Text Art Merry Christmas ASCII Text Art

These are some of my Christmas ASCII art. I began making my own ASCII art in 1998.

One thing I have learned from making ASCII art is not to compare everything I do to everything everyone else has done. There will always be someone who does it better. But, if you don’t get discouraged you can create some nice work of your own. This doesn’t mean you should ignore what others have created. You can find some great ideas in technique and use those yourself in your own way.

The Tradition of Christmas ASCII Art

Merry Christmas ASCII Text Art

There is something special about making Christmas ASCII art. It’s like carrying on a tradition. When the Internet was fairly new there were no graphics, certainly no Flash. So simple text graphics were created from the standard keyboard characters, ASCII art. Every time I make a new ASCII art image for Christmas I think about the past, the tradition of sending Christmas wishes and all the simple things that make Christmas special to family, friends and people who have never met and yet still exchange holiday greetings online.

Share Christmas Greetings in ASCII Art

Merry Christmas ASCII Text Art

With every type of art there is a challenge in creating and displaying it with the materials used. For ASCII art the images can become warped out of shape due to the font used, the format used in HTML or the difference in viewing it on one machine and then another. So, for displaying ASCII art here I have just used a screen capture to pick them up from my original text files. It also makes them simple to share around online. So, do share them with friends and family online, continue the tradition. However, respect the ASCII artist, keep the initials with the artwork.

Santa Claus in ASCII Text Art

Have you been naughty or nice? What would Santa say?
Santa Claus in ASCII Text ArtThere are lots of Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas pictures done in ASCII art. Christmas time seems to have the biggest collection of such art. I think it’s because this artistic method is so easy to send in an email. Or, it used to be. Now HTML email has messed things up and you need to send the ASCII art in an image file instead of just the plain text copied into an email. You can also send the art in a txt file, attached to an email. But, you must let people know what you are sending in an attached file.

Santa Claus has become a big part of Christmas, very commercialized. Not surprising there are plenty of ASCII art creations of Santa. Some people colour the art. It takes some extra time and knowledge of HTML codes. Santa does look nice in the traditional red and white rather than the black, white, and greyscale of standard ASCII text.

Happy Holidays!

Santa and Sleigh for Christmas in ASCII Text Art

Small reindeers are not easy to make in ASCII art. I know because I have tried a few times over the years. The sleigh is the easiest part of Santa and his sleigh with the deers flying overhead.Santa and Sleigh for Christmas in ASCII Text Art
Santa and Sleigh for Christmas in ASCII Text Art
Santa and Sleigh for Christmas in ASCII Text Art
They need some rooftops to be flying over. Otherwise they are just hanging in midair and you don’t get the feeling of them being in action.
When you were a kid did you look out your window on Christmas Eve, wondering if you could catch sight of Santa and his sleigh? Did you listen (for as long as you could stay awake) for any sounds of footsteps on the roof? We were lucky enough to even have a fireplace and we did leave milk and cookies faithfully each holiday. Sometimes Santa would even take a break from his travels and leave a note for us.
I grew up as the oldest of four kids. Soon I was the one helping my sisters to put out the Santa snacks, including a carrot for the reindeer. It was nice having younger siblings cause I never had to stop believing in Santa completely.

This year, on Christmas Eve, take the time to listen for Santa Claus, this sleigh and the reindeer.