I Am 7 Bit ASCII and Didn’t Know It

I know there are different types of ASCII art. I call some text art.Then ANSI art, Japanese ASCII art and computer generated (scanned images which are not really art at all).

Others, like typewriter art, are pretty simple to figure out (made on a typewriter).

But, I have heard the terms new skool, old skool, and of course, being a spelling and grammar person, I have never really liked them.… Read the rest

Christmas Candy Canes in ASCII Text Art

ASCII art candy canes are deceptive. To make the right round shape for the cane takes a little fussing to make it look right and smooth in shape. Then the candy cane stripes. You either create a candy cane on an angle, so you can use straight lines for the stripes. Or, you figure out how to make your candy stripes fit on an angle with the right space between each.… Read the rest

A Guide for Reading Concrete Poetry

A Guide for Reading Concrete Poetry

(Link via the Internet Archives, the original site is now something else. I wanted to save the post so I have made my own archive of the contents here.)

(Based on Edmund Feldman’s Critical Performance)

Concrete poetry is poetry in which the text itself forms a picture on the page.

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