A Little More Fashionable

When you feel really backwards and out of sorts with yourself, its a good time to look for how-to guides for things you think you already know how to do. Or, to take your own advice and just do something differently.

This character is more fashionable than the old one I’ve been using, but she doesn’t still feel like me.… Read the rest

You Don’t Need an ASCII Art Generator

Don’t be afraid to make your own ASCII art. Of course it won’t look just as you imagine, or want, right away. Mine didn’t. There are still ideas I start working on and end up deleting because they just aren’t working out. If something still has hope, I keep it. The point is, don’t get discouraged too easily.… Read the rest

Edward Scissorhands

I’ve set myself a goal to create an illustration for Edward Scissorhands 20th Anniversary. I want to do it in ASCII Art. I have the design, the plan. But it’s going to be pretty big, I’ve been working with small illustrations lately and I’ve never tried for something that requires scrolling in the window I’m working in.… Read the rest