The Delightfully Wicked Dandelion in ASCII Text Art

Give a pretty, sunny weed some credit.

I have to admit, I do like dandelions. To say this out loud is risky. My family are yard and garden people. Dandelions are dug up, poisoned and generally given the evil eye (especially now, when the poison has been outlawed). So I keep my liking for dandelions quiet, to myself. I admire their yellow glow, their persistence and tenacity, without telling anyone.
But, secretly, I love them.

The Delightfully Wicked Dandelion in ASCII Text Art

I remember having my hands and clothes stained by dandelion sap as a kid. I’d make link after link after link in my dandelion chain. I didn’t quite figure out how to make a crown of dandelion flowers, with the flower heads attached. I always wanted to make one but there was no one I dared to ask. Though no one minded me picking the dandelions, they weren’t going to be fully behind growing more. Let alone picking the seed heads and making wishes by blowing the seeds around.

Today I created my own perpetual dandelion in ASCII art.

Have a look at all the dandelions. I’ve added links to please other dandelion people as well. Make your dandelion chains, crows and blow those puff balls – make your wishes!

A Little Extra Dandelion Love

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