The FixedSys Font is Still my Favourite

FixedSys is still the font used in MS Notepad, which I still use to make ASCII art. It is my favourite font for ASCII art, making or showing it. Possibly it’s just that I’ve become used to it. But, it does seem just right.

FixedSys doesn’t come with many (any?) font packages, like the Google fonts. So I have to upload it from other sources in order to use it on my site. It is still right there in Notepad, any time I open it. But, not so for websites.

I have found FixedSys Excelsior, which is an old project, started by Darien Gavin Valentine, from the US. the last version was 3.00 from March, 2007.  The download link still works if you want to grab the font.

Today I found another update to FixedSys Excelsior, from Kirill Pertsev at GitHub.

So, myself and others who are fans of FixedSys still have some options.

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