Why We Should Declare an Emoticon of the Year


You’ve heard about the Words of the Year—Oxford’s vape, Merriam-Webster’s culture, and Dictionary.com’s exposure, to name a few. And perhaps you’re even eagerly awaiting the American Dialect Society’s own WotY vote, which will take place this coming weekend (I’ll be livetweeting from it!). But in 2014 we didn’t just communicate with words—we also… Source: www.slate.com


Note: I did have this saved in plain text so it would post the ASCII art. But, it seems there is always something, some detail, which changes somewhere and messes up the formatting. Even when I use the code formatting plugin. So I am posting this ‘as is’ rather than leave it sitting on my … Read more…

ASCII Train Posted without Linkback


I noticed my ASCII art train posted to this site while I was looking to see if anyone else has posted ASCII art for the New Year, 2015. I sent a note to the site owner because the train is posted without a link back to my site or even the site where the image … Read more…

For Lighthouse People


This was originally posted on HubPages. I moved it when it was shuffled off into the sidelines.¬† I’ve wanted to make my own ASCII art lighthouse for ages. But, there were other things on my list which got done first. Today I decided to settle in and work on the lighthouse. I think it turned … Read more…