Tiger Ascii Macro

tiger ascii macro

via – Tiger Ascii Macro | JustinAKAPaste.com (AOLForever). I’d forgotten when people made text art with AOL and called it ASCII macro art. It did not use a fixed width font so it wasn’t true ASCII art and each time you reposted it the font would cause your image to change (unless it was in an … Read more…

Litographs – Wear your Book in Text Art

from litograph

Litographs: Pick your book, choose colours and whether you want a tote bag, poster or other and you can have your favourite book (or the one you’re reading now) created as text art from the text of the book. I especially like the creativeness of the designs. Some really take the story of the book and show it very well in just one image.

from litograph from litograph from litograph from litograph from litograph from litograph from litographlink via – Book-themed lithos/tees with entire text of books – Boing Boing. I found the link in a post on Boing Boing. See above for the actual site link.

CocaCola Does MakeItHappy ASCII Art



The site is Go Make it Happy. I was happy seeing a big, consumer oriented company like CocaCola using ASCII art. Even though it’s computer generated – there is a wonderfully large amount of it.

If I were a more sane person I would have split these into several posts. Instead I have left them all (over 90 image files) below the “read more” line. I wanted to not only share them all but, preserve them all too. So this is an archive of the ASCII art I found on the CocaCola Make it Happy site. It’s possible they will add more. I wish I knew. I’d like to see it all saved. Campaigns like this tend to last like a fad and then disappear. I’d like to see the ASCII art survive.

I have a few favourites and I thought to just post those. But, how could I show all the full dorkiness and fun of the collection. Some of it reminds me of the old movies advertising hot dogs and popcorn at the drive-in movies.

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