ldb ASCII Art

Making ASCII art is like a puzzle, fitting the text/ type characters together to make an image, something recognizable. There are limitations to work with, mostly to do with spacing. Fonts need to be a fixed width, monotype font. I use MS Notepad software, that's all.

You don't need an ASCII art generator, that's just scanning an image, not making something yourself. Create something of your own, something new. Get inspired from whatever source, but do the work yourself.

I have been making ASCII art since 1997. My art has been published in print magazines, zines, and used in a few text based games. I've been included in art packs by Mistigris. 16 colo.rs

ASCII art is best viewed in a fixed width font. My favourite is FixedSys. I also like Fixedsys Excelsior, Inconsolata, or Consolas. 

These files open as plain text (.txt) files. Below is plain text ASCII art. 

                  ____                       |      ,\                 v
            .-,  / .m/    .-,           .-, _|_   __/_\__    __   .-,  |
           (("))/\a'-\   (("))    .-.-.(("))/o   , ((")\V/  |  | (("))/'
        [o]_/ \/ |_p_|   /[o]=    |ldb|_/ \/      \_/ \_|   |("|_ / \/
           /___\         /___\    \___//___\       /___\|        /___\
           _/ |_         _/ |_         _/ |_       _/ |_|        _/ |_   ldb

            If this ASCII art is jumbled, your screen is small, not smart.

Respect ASCII Artists Campaign

Please respect the artist. Leave the artist credit/ initials on each of the images. My initials are ldb. 

Do not consider any of this art as public domain and be careful about "fair use". 

Do not sell it as your own creation, do not sell it at all because you do not have rights to it. I have given permission for it to be used for online projects. 

ldb ASCII Art Files
ASCII Greetings
Holidays and Events Canadian Animals
Christmas Pagan Insects and Bugs
Halloween Science Fiction People
Remembrance Day Fantasy Landscape
St. Patrick's Day Dragons Hobbies and Crafts
Valentine's Day Communications Food
Spring Technology Floral
Summer Transportation Buildings

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       ||| \\|// |||
  ldb  ||| '-|-' |||

       I am Canadian!

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