Older Dragon ASCII Art


I noticed a Facebook community/ group called Dragon Magick. I opened the link to read more. Turns out they are looking for a new admin. I was already interested in the group because I am Pagan and born in the Year of the Dragon, so I volunteered myself. Then I posted one of my ASCII art dragons. I would have posted more of them but I could only get one in the post. Here are more, captured with screen capture versus in text because I’ve gotten fed up with dealing with plain text in WordPress. You can see the plain … Read more…

Tales of a Keyboard Artist

keira rathbone

I found a forgotten Blogspot blog:  Tales of a Typewriter Artist  An abandoned site from the typewriter artist, Keira Rathbone. She has a new site, a better site too. But, it is kind of sad to see this poor derelict creation. There isn’t much there and it looks worse for wear without the original background image showing. I often look at abandoned sites. (I’m an urban explorer). I like seeing what was built and created and then look at the story of where people went on from there. How does the old site hang on with weathering (even when it’s … Read more…

5 Best Websites for ASCII Art Lovers


One thing different about these sites from others online… these sites are still updating. The only exception is The ASCII Art Dictionary, but so much has gone into that site it is still worth seeing and a great way to find just what you are looking for when you have something specific in mind. Chris.com’s ASCII Art Collection by Christopher Johnson The ASCII Art Dictionary by Andreas Freise The ASCII Art Universe from Retro Junkie ASCII Art Archives for Recycle – Japanese style Text-Image.ru – Russian site with a variety of styles.

Found an ASCII Art Strawberry


ASCII Strawberry by Jenni A. M. Merrifield Coloured ASCII art converted to GIF image Found this today while digging for ASCII art poppies (for Remembrance Day this month). I didn’t find any poppies which were new to me. But, I did find a mention of an old site which had an ASCII art collection. Sadly, I can’t find anything left of the collection but for this strawberry. The site was closed in 1998 and seems to have been taken down.