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A Little More Fashionable

When you feel really backwards and out of sorts with yourself, its a good time to look for how-to guides for things you think you already know how to do. Or, to take your own advice and just do something differently.

This character is more fashionable than the old one I’ve been using, but she doesn’t still feel like me.

A Little More Fashionable

There is No Title Today

I should be working on ASCII art ideas. I’d feel less down but… its hard to start. I made the mistake of looking at other ASCII art, comparing my own abilities and projects. That tends to be good and bad. Good to see more/ other people working in ASCII art and I really like seeing what they accomplish, sometimes even finding new ideas and ways to make my own projects. But, it is also discouraging when I’m feeling less inspired in general.

But, I am still here. I think I will start with some comic characters and try not to be too hard on myself.

It’s Too Late to Say You’re Sorry… Turned into a Toad

I read about Frisson Comics on the Broken Pencil website this week. They are looking for submissions/ contributions for a folk horror zine. I had to read about folk horror, it wasn’t a phrase I have heard before. But, it turned out to be a genre of horror I have always liked, without knowing it had a name. It is a blend of things like old wives tales, Witch familiars, country/ rural magic and superstition. Read more about it for a better description. I’m doing my best. Think of dark fairytales which can include modern scenarios and places.

I spent almost a week getting ideas and then trying to turn them into something. I had a lot of ideas but they weren’t just right or not something I could work on with ASCII art. Like any worthwhile puzzle, ASCII art has some limitations.

It's Too Late to Say You're Sorry... Turned into a Toad
It's Too Late to Say You're Sorry... Turned into a Toad

This is what I came up with, just got it all pulled together last night. Made a rough sketch on the back of a junk mail envelope and then started typing. Slowly it became more than just an idea on the back of an envelope. I like how it turned out. It really tells the story as I hoped it would. If you don’t agree you might keep that to yourself lest you be turned into a toad!

I added “It’s too late to say you’re sorry…” because that song has been stuck in my head for the past two days. It works well here.