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The Little House Down the Lane

I saw someone else make trees like these, different from the trees I have made so far. So I wanted to try them with a house and more trees and houses (another time). Here is what ended up being the little house down the lane.

Remembrance Day Poppy

Remembrance Day matters. I didn’t make something new this year. I’ve done about all I can come up with for poppies in the North American style and the English style. Maybe next year I will come up with a fresh idea, or spend time colouring the poppy wreath.

Happy Halloween ASCII Text Art

There’s something special about Halloween. It’s not the trick or treating, the spooky art work, the crafty and crazy costumes or the chocolate and candy gluttony. It’s a little of each of those but mainly, it’s magic. Halloween isn’t a simple, family holiday. It’s not a Christian tradition, Halloween has older roots. I think the reason Halloween is still just a bit scary is the fact that it is a holiday based on older things, mysterious to us now.